Wednesday, September 09, 2009

DC Pizza Poll- it is coming down to the wire...

The Washingtonian has been having a vote in a pool format in order to find the Best Pizza in DC, and it is down to the finals! The finalists are Red Rocks, a brick oven pizza place about four blocks away from my house in Columbia Heights, and Flippin Pizza, a California-based NY Style pizza chain with four locations in the area but none in DC proper.

I must admit that I am biased- Red Rocks is in my neighborhood and I have had their pizza a few times. It is good stuff, and paired with a nice beer and wine selection and patio seating, it makes a fun night out. I haven't actually eaten Flippin Pizza, but the fact that it is not a local chain and doesn't even have a DC branch yet is dissapointing. Plus, the whole "Californians making NY style pizza" thing rarely works in California, much less DC.

I see that Flippin is advertising the poll on their website, and it looks like the comment section on the poll is being spammed by teens from California. Could Red Rocks be up against unsurmountable odds? Still, at about 12 on Wednesday, Red Rocks is only down 49% to 51%! So get in there and vote for a great local DC place, and strike a blow against the Flippin Corporate Machine and pimply California Teenagers!

UPDATE: Flippin is actually offering subscribers to their email list a free pizza if they win the poll, and there is some disagreement as to whether the offer was sent to their CA branches as well. Talk about stacking the deck! Well, it seems obvious that the poll is about loading up on votes and not actually about who has the best pizza. As of 4:15 on Wednesday, the vote is 53/47 in favor of Flippin. Plenty of time to get on and vote Red Rocks!

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