Friday, September 25, 2009

Fallingwater turning into Sleepover Camp?

It seems that Frank Loyd Wright's masterpiece "Fallingwater" is being opened up for overnight stays for a few lucky tourists. I would probably donate a major organ to sleep over at that place! Hopefully they will extend their sessions soon, as it seems like they are all booked up already. FLW and Antoni Gaudi are probably my favorite architects of all time- they had fantastic imaginations and whimsical ideas. I wish more of today's architects thought outside the box a little more- sure, some of FLW and AG's ideas turned out to be a bit impractical, but can't a bit of practicality be sacrificed in order to make a work of unmistakable beauty?

Anyways, here is a great tour of Fallingwater off of Youtube- the place is just stunning!

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