Monday, September 21, 2009

Restaurant Review: Haydee's: not good but good came of it. . . .

So Friday night the Doebunni and I wanted to go out on the town, and check out one of the many Mexican/Salvadoran restaurants in Mount Pleasant. I have heard good things about Haydee's from some of the local blogs, so we checked it out. The inside is very festive, with tables in just about every nook and cranny imaginable, and all decked out in red, white and green happiness. I kind of got a "locally-owned ChiChis" vibe from the place.

Our waitress came up, took our drink orders and gave us a basket of chips and salsa. The salsa was my first red flag, as it tasted like a mild, store-bought salsa, with a watery quality and a strange metallic tang. We soldiered on and ordered:

Ceviche: Perhaps it was a bad idea to order Ceviche in a place like this, but we have ordered Ceviche in DC Mexican-Salvadoran restaurants before (e.g. El Tamarindo) and had it turn out pretty good. Haydee's Ceviche was pretty horrible- mushy fish and little if no shrimp. I also think that I saw some chunks that looked raw, not good at all!

Chicken Quesedilla: DoeBunni ordered a Chicken Quesedilla, which she loves to order at restaurants. She said that it was probably the worst Quesedilla she has ever eaten! She especially hated the chicken, which was cooked or marinaded in a sauce she could not describe or trace it's contents. How can you screw up a Quesedilla anyway? It is like the easiest thing out there to make!

Beef Enchiladas: I had the beef Enchiladas, which were not horrible, but not great either. They were garnished with what looked like fried rice from a box, and decent cheese covered beans.

So, the food was pretty bad. The margaritas were ok, and they had a nice mariachi band that played for most of the night. However this is not a place that I would return to for food, in any concievable scenario! There are plenty of other Mexican-Salvadoran restaurants in Mount Pleasant though!

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