Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Thoughts on Football 2009

With the new Football season beginning soon, a couple of points to make:

1. If you don't already know this, I am from Philadelphia, and I am a die hard Philly fan from the Eagles to the Flyers. I was not a huge fan of Michael Vick before he came to the Eagles, but he is saying the right things, and he has sacrificed a lot for his sins (which were reprehensible). He will not play in a real game for a good chunk of the season, but it looks like he could add some interesting wrinkles to the offense- it was pretty sweet to see Vick and McNabb in the same backfield. As for your sucker Rashes fans out there, I predict 7-9 and more pain and suffering for Dan Snyder!

2. Al Davis is looking more and more like a Skeksis from the Dark Crystal:

--> Am I right or what? We all know that the Raiders have been a crappy team for a long time, and Davis' crazy way of running the team has been a huge part of that. How can this situation be remedied? I have a theory: According to the Mythology of the Dark Crystal, the world of the Crystal would be made whole when, in part, the Skeksis would merge with their good alter-egos the Mystics and become the benevolent UrSkeks again. So, in order to heal the world of the Raiders, Al Davis will have to merge with his Mystic counterpart and be made whole once more. The question is- where can we find this reclusive Mystic?

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The Good Doctor said...

OMFG! the resemblance is eerie.

Poor Raiders.